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About Controlled Access Systems, Inc.

Controlled Access Systems, Inc. is an authorized distributor and/or dealer for several leading manufacturers including FAAC International, Sentex Systems (A division of the Chamberlain Group), DSX Access Systems, B&B Electromatic, International Gate Devices, American Access Systems, Indala Corporation, Linear Corporation, as well as several others. Representing these companies enables us to offer the highest quality and most reliable gate operator and access control systems currently available on the market.

Controlled Access Systems designs safe and secure, well-planned, and professionally installed automatic gate and electronic entry systems, video surveillance systems, and many other specialty systems and products. We also design and build custom options and equipment for many of our customers.

Qualitites which differentiate Controlled Access Systems from other gate companies are:

At Controlled Access Systems, we take great pride in our work. We offer professional design, premium equipment, and Code-grade installations. Most of our systems are in full compliance with UL Article 325, which mandates safety requirements for all automatic gates within the United States.

We strive for near-perfect installations, installed by factory-certified licensed electricians - not some bootleg installation done by a fence company, home audio company, or alarm company that probably cannot legally install or service your equipment.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and thank you for considering Controlled Access Systems!

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